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2019-11-13 23:53

Worker Stats
Worker name is your personal Wallet or Payment-ID if you mine direct to any Exchange
Monero XMR
Monero Price: 1 XMR ≃ 0.00739 ฿ ≃ 64.74162 $
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Getting started Monero

You can determine your rigs separately for better vardiff, lower rejects and detailed statistic. Use workername: WALLET . WORKER-ID

-u YOUR-WALLET.123 -p [email protected]

You can also mine direct to any exchange. Add after Exchange-WALLET your personal Payment-ID, workers can be added via WORKER-ID as well


-u EXCHANGE-WALLET.PERSONAL-PAYMENT-ID.rig777 -p [email protected]


Do not mine to an exchange address without payment-id


CPU version Nvidia version AMD version

xmrig -o -u YOUR_WALLET -p x -k -o -u YOUR_WALLET -p x -k




AMD version



Monero Proxy Bitcointalk-thread

Use of case:
- you have a lot of rigs or corporate PCs, you can install proxy on one PC with internet connection, and all miners can be inside of intranet
- you have some geo-distributed miners, so via proxy installed on 1$VPS you can easy to control them
- on one windows-machine if you use two miners (cpu+gpu) or if you want to control your miner fully and absolutely.

Source code on Github

Pool features
  • The most profitable and fair RBPPS. No PPLNS!
    True round based payment system, proportional your shares, 1.5% fee
  • Greatly optimized stratum pool engine and cryptonight module,
    the small reject ratio and the best vardiff possible
  • Maxmimum transparent and detailed stats
  • Monitoring of every rig via email
  • Mining directly to an exchange without any local wallet,
    just put the exchange wallet together with your personal payment_id getting from exchange
  • Powerful dedicated servers worldwide.
    Choose the closest one as a main server, the others as backup or use them at once.
    All your shares will be calculated from all servers!
  • 100% failover-infrastructure uptime
  • DDoS protection by different providers
  • No registration required
  • Autopayouts from by user defined threshold once a day or once every 6 hours for wallets without payment_id and non-integrated wallets
    Due to high monero-tx costs, transaction cost -0.0001 XMR for exchange-wallets and -0.0001 XMR for normal wallet. More information in FAQ
    Sofort payments possible
  • Separate workers for detailed per rig statistics
  • Not P2Pool! Less orphaned blocks
  • "Fake shares" attack resistant
  • Excellent Support 24/7 in english, русский, deutsch (EU) (Canada,USA)

Worker name: YOUR_WALLET

Worker name with statistic per rig: YOUR_WALLET . WORKER

Password: any or email for monitoring

If you have more rigs or workers, you can determine the rig for better vardiff, lower rejects ratio or detailed statistic.
Use as username: WALLET . WORKER_ID

To enable monitoring of your worker, use email as password
To disable monitoring, restart your miner without email as password.

In combine with WORKER_ID you can monitor your rigs separately.

Stratum-port: 8005 start diff: 20000 for GPU, CPU

Stratum-port: 8050 start diff: 50000 for GPU

Stratum-port: 8100 start diff: 100000 for high-end CPU and GPU-Rigs

Stratum-port: 8200 start diff: 200000 for nicehash

Stratum-port: 8080 start diff: 20000 for firewalled users

Stratum-port: 9050 fixed diff: 20000

Stratum-port: 9100 fixed diff: 100000

Stratum-port: 9500 fixed diff: 200000

Do not use bad email providers

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196404419-11-10, 18:20:08 (3 days ago)2.1864confirmed
196318919-11-09, 14:24:42 (4 days ago)2.1884confirmed
196306519-11-09, 10:39:26 (4 days ago)2.1889confirmed
196299719-11-09, 07:46:02 (4 days ago)2.1892confirmed
196276319-11-08, 22:46:55 (5 days ago)2.1903confirmed
196237619-11-08, 10:29:27 (5 days ago)2.1929confirmed
196135619-11-07, 00:30:13 (7 days ago)2.1963confirmed
196112419-11-06, 17:29:07 (7 days ago)2.1977confirmed
195983419-11-04, 21:59:03 (9 days ago)2.2025confirmed
195978619-11-04, 20:22:12 (9 days ago)2.2028confirmed
195903119-11-03, 18:53:31 (10 days ago)2.2060confirmed
195900719-11-03, 18:07:46 (10 days ago)2.2068confirmed
195892519-11-03, 15:32:44 (10 days ago)2.2063confirmed
195775119-11-02, 00:41:55 (12 days ago)2.2116confirmed
195756919-11-01, 17:47:52 (12 days ago)2.2120confirmed