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GroestlCoin GRS

GRS pool is closed. Remaining payments processing

Due to lack of interest of miners, GRS-pool will be stopped on 13th Sep 23:59 GMT.
After that all shares will be calculated and last payment will be done from own funds.


CUDA ccminer

Source and windows on Github

ccminer -q -a groestl -o stratum+tcp:// -u COIN_WALLET.1 -p 1 --failover-only -o "stratum+tcp://" -u COIN_WALLET.1 -p 1

ATI sph-sgminer

Source code on Github Windows

sgminer -I 19 -g 4 -w 64 -k groestlcoin --no-submit-stale -o "stratum+tcp://" -u COIN_WALLET -p 1
--failover-only -o "stratum+tcp://" -u COIN_WALLET -p 1

CPU miner

Source code on Github

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