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2017-12-16 14:41

Pool Features
  • The most profitable and fair RBPPS.
    True round based payment system, proportional your shares
  • Greatly optimized stratum pool engine,
    the small reject ratio and the best vardiff possible
  • Maxmimum transparent and detailed statistic
  • Monitoring of every rig via email
  • No registration required
  • No transaction fee, no stealing shares, no hidden fees
  • Autopayouts once an hour
  • Separate workers for detailed per rig statistics
  • Powerful dedicated servers worldwide.
    Choose the closest one as a main server, the others as backup or use them at once.
    All your shares will be calculated from all servers!
  • 100% failover-infrastructure uptime
  • DDoS protection by different providers
  • Not P2Pool! Less orphaned blocks
  • "Fake shares" attack resistant
  • Excellent Support 24/7 in english, русский, deutsch

Code: XMR

Algo: CryptoNote

Total: 440245 khs

Pool: 23681 khs

Diff: 52829473362

Code: ZEC

Algo: Equihash

Total: ---

Pool: 4078195 sol/s

Diff: 7399441

Code: GRS

Algo: Groestl

Total: 0 mhs

Pool: 14086 mhs

Diff: 0.0

Code: ETH

Algo: Dagger-Hashimoto

Total: ---

Pool: 7071076 mhs

Diff: 1734910557664800

Code: EXP

Algo: Dagger-Hashimoto

Total: ---

Pool: 171037 mhs

Diff: 10159303351287