FAQ and Terms


FAQ and Terms

Read these terms carefully before your start mining. If you don't agree with it leave the pool and don't use our services.

Ban accounts

Pool hopping not allowed. Abused account will be banned. The pool has right to ban account of hackers and confiscate balances, ban pool hoppers and distribute coins between other miners.

We don't allow to mine from malware infected computers!

Anonymous mining

You dont need create an account on the pool. Just put YOUR_WALLET as login in your mining software. with statistic per rig: YOUR_WALLET . ANY_NUMBER

You can use any password or email if you want to monitor your rigs/miners

What is RBPPS

RBPPS means round based pay per share. Each submitted share is worth a certain amount of coins.

When a block is found, the reward is distributed among all workers proportionally to how many shares each of them has found, but payouts are delayed until a block is confirmed by the network.

If a found block gets orphaned, earnings relative to it are not paid, but shares will be calculated with the next block.

What is HBPPS

HBPPS means hour based pay per share. Each submitted share is worth a certain amount of coins.

The reward is distributed among all workers proportionally to how many shares each of them has found during last hour, payouts are delayed until blocks are confirmed by the network. For ethereum it's 350 blocks (ca.1-1.5 hours), for expanse 90 blocks (ca. 1.5 hours)

If a found block gets orphaned, earnings relative to it are not paid, but shares will be calculated within this hour.

If no block found during this hour, shares will be calculated within next hour.

Monero payout thresholds

pool fee reduce from 2% to 1.5% (from Jan.2017)

miners pay a fixed transaction fee, it will be corrected once a week.
Actually that is 0.0001 XMR for personal wallet and 0.0001 XMR for exchange wallet with payment_id and/or integrated wallets

you can set the individual minimal payment amount and the frequency of payments on your own: once an hour or once a day.

after authorization you also can change the threshold for wallets (both for personal and exchange ones): 10, 5, 2, 1, 0.5, 0.2 and 0.1 XMR

you also can request an immediate withdrawal every time. It is independent of autopayout, but the amount should be more than 0.1 XMR

By default a starting minimal autopayout for any exchange is 5 XMR, for personal wallet 2 XMR

Please consider the exchange terms of minimal deposit amount!

How to check earnings for ETH and EXP

1) select any hour from your stat. At example
16-03-17, 08:59:59 (3 hours ago) 1944 0.154 0.92195080

2) total shares for this hour is 1259872. You can check this value on main page
in source code to graphs to "Blocks and Shares"
[new Date("2016/03/17 08:00").getTime(), 1259872]

3) your % is 1944*100/1259872 = 0.15430138934748926875

4) Open
Here pool earnings by hour:
2016-03-17 08:00:00+01:00 597.5000
Bottom on the same page you find last 1000 found blocks.
This hour-summa from all found blocks and uncles between fisrt and last block in
this hour , it's may be checked via any block explorer.

5) For calculations I take precise values from DB:
you have 0.154% from 597.5 ETH => 0.15430139*597.5/100 = 0.92195080525

6) After round we get 0.92195080


When using VARDIFF we strongly recommend you do not mix slow miners with fast miners on the same worker. Example don't mix a CPU and a Radeon7970 on the same worker, set up a new worker for each. This will ensure the best results in using VARDIFF.

If you have more rigs or workers, you can determine the rig for better vardiff, lower rejects or detailed statistic. Use as username with workername: WALLET . WORKER_ID


To enable monitoring of your worker, use email as password. To disable monitoring, restart your miner without email as password.

Email will be send if no shares last 15 minutes.

In combine with WORKER_ID you can monitor your rigs separately.


If your miner send bad shares, 99% that you have corrupted DAG file.

You need delete it and restart miner

DAG files in OSX and Linux are here: ~/.ethash

DAG files in Windows are here: C:\Users\___\AppData\Local\Ethash


Calculated hashrate based on sent shares during last 30 minutes. After mining start first 15 minutes speed will be shown as "calc...", don't worry if you see shares in column "Last share"

If your last share older then 5 minutes, "last share" time will be red.

Low hashrateIf your calculated speed below 60% threshold over a long period of time, you send low amount of shares.

It's because of bug in some versions of ethminers. Just restart miner. Also don't use buggy Genoil v1.4

In stats and API such miner marked as "BELOW_THRESHOLD" (based on last hour calculation). If you solved the issue, you can still see such message next hour.

That your mined was healed, check amount of shares last and current hours as well shares chart

Such warning possible only for miners that send eth_submitHashrate parameter. Also you can check and set variable GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT to 95 or 100%


Powerful, DDoS protected XEON dedicated servers with 64GB RAM and SSD disks in RAID (France) (Canada)

put the other as backup to ensure 100% uptime.

Miner example

Command line for TAC with monitoring of 777th rig

sgminer -k nist5 --no-submit-stale -o "stratum+tcp://" -u COIN_WALLET.777 -p [email protected]
--failover-only -o "stratum+tcp://" -u COIN_WALLET.777 -p [email protected]

Command line for XMR with payment_id and rig #33

./minerd -a cryptonight -o stratum+tcp:// -u WALLET.PAYMENT_ID.33 -p x

How to maximalize your hasharte

1) Check with ethminer.exe --list-devices your device settingsCL_DEVICE_MAX_WORK_GROUP_SIZE: 256

2) Set in command line for your miner cl-local-work to this value--cl-local-work 256

3) Calculate and test farm-recheck. For "--farm-recheck 400" very good are --cl-global-work 16384 and --cl-global-work 8192

4) In bat file for miner insert

5) Start miner on one of core, like here on cpu-core #2
start /affinity 0x2 /min "All-GPU" ethminer.exe --farm-recheck 400
-F -G --cl-local-work 256 --cl-global-work 16384

start /affinity 0x2 /min "All-GPU" ethminer.exe --farm-recheck 200
-F -G --cl-local-work 128 --cl-global-work 8192

Can't allocate memory

If you see in miner
Creating one big buffer for the DAG
Allocating/mapping single buffer failed with: clCreateBuffer(-61). GPU can't all
ocate the DAG in a single chunk. Bailing.

Check ethminer --list-devices
Look at CL_DEVICE_MAX_MEM_ALLOC_SIZE. New DAG files already above 1350MB (1409284744)
Set in bat file GPU settings from "How to maximalize your hasharte"
And check your driver versions. Some new drivers doesn't work perfectly with mining. (especially v16 by ATI)
Ethereum developers known about this issue


Autopayouts from all coin-balances once an hour if reached minimal amount (different for every coin).

After closing down the pool the threshold is extremly lowered to 0.001eth. The minimal secure transaction fee to eth network 3 gwei (~0.000063ETH) will be paid by miner. All balances below this amount will be deleted.

For Ethereum(ETH) 6 times per day from 1.01 ETH. Block confirmation after 450 blocks.
Changeable to 1000, 500, 100, 50, 10, 5, 2, 0.5, 0.25, 0.1, 0.05 via webform with possible manual payment, or up to 0.01 as slow autopayout at the end of the queue without manual payments

For Expanse(EXP) 4 times per day from 1 EXP. Block confirmation after 90 blocks.

The funds from the inactive/abandoned accounts, older than one year will be assigned to the pool ownership.

No statistic of my worker

If you just started mining it takes 2-5 minutes before you can see your wallet on the pool.

If you still don't see stats, then pool doesn't get shares from you. Check your miner.


For ETH and EXP will be used hourly based PPS. All shares and all found blocks will be calculated every hour.

"Precalculation" means calculations of all found blocks, also immatured and orphaned.

Due to technical reason some blocks from next hour will be additional calculated during this process.

After all blocks in some hour become confirmed(450 blocks for ethereum), the system makes recalculation without orphaned blocks and blocks from next hour. Only clear results will be moved to balance of users.

Prohibited Countries

Users from following countries cannot use our services:
Burma (Myanmar)
Cote d'Ivoire
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Liberia (Former Regime of Charles Taylor)
North Korea
Sierra Leone

Bad and dummy email providers

Do not use for monitoring email servers for monitoring listed below

Good emails