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1. I have been mining with your pool for few days, my current balance is 0.334eth.
I don't see any payouts to my wallet. I wonder why?

Autopayment from 1.01 eth by default, but there is a handy option on pool:
with your actual IP-address, what the mining proceed from, you can authorize on the pool site, on your account page and change the settings quickly on your own (e.g. min payment from 0.05eth).

you can see your actual IP for example on showip.net
anyway, the IP-field changes/get actualized on your account page every 24 hours.

if your authorization although won't work for some reasons, please contact us again with your wallet and request, what do you want us to change in your settings, we do from our side

2. Why my "Sent hashrate" 173kh, Calc.hashrate 144kh?
Your miner sends its own hashrate. "current approx.. speed" on the page calculated on our own formula.
anyway, earnings depends on your real send shares only.

3. My hahsrate it always the same, why did I get at 17:34 0.0030 and at 19:38 only 0.0023?
Your personal earning depends not only on submits, but also on how many blocks found by pool in a certain hour.
Generall earnings will be divided between miners proportionally to sent shares.

4. I just realised that my wallet didn't receive transaction from your pool yesterday.
Please check if your transaction exists in blockchain, that means the funds have gone from pool to your wallet, we don't control them anymore.
If you still didn't receive them, check if your wallet is synchronized. If it is an exchange wallet - contact its support.

5. When I trying to check worker stats - I'll recieve blank page without anything. What I should to do?
if you don't see any stat/ just a white screen after 5-10 minutes from the mining start, that means the pool doesn't get any share from you.

if you use proxy, check proxy logs, you have to see such entry as "eth_submitWork", look at the reply from pool.
if there are not any entries in logs - the miner doesn't generate any shares at all.

if you don't mine via proxy, you have to check miner logs( in case of claymore) or in miner window.
if shares are not generated by miner, that means there are issues with miner, mostly because of problematic video-drivers.

another reason can be, if you put a wrong wallet, wrong symbol in wallet, small and big letters - are different wallets on pool.

6. Please can you release my balance, I stoped mining. Current balance is 0.0001 ETH
we pay for a transaction ca. 0.00042 eth, that's why min payment from 0.05 on pool (but pool earns only 0.0005). that is not our earning but just pay for a transaction (84% of pool earning). you can mine to min.amount later, within a year your balance stays on your account.

7. I mine zec on your pool since three hours already, but I didn't get anything into my wallet!
Your balance will be updated as soon as a block will be found and confirmed. No share get lost that time, it will be saved in the table "Submit" in your stat. the calculation will be accordingly sent shares, then.
Please also note, the smaller the pool, the more irregularly the blocks will be found (the more irregularly is the luck). it can be one day lucky or very lucky, the other one - very unlucky, but in long term the earning is proportionally your sent shares. you can see it at graphs.

8. Transfer
- I've lost access to my wallet, what should I do now?
- I don't trust ... exchange anymore, and like to get my coins transferred to another wallet, is it possible?

- My wallet 47sgh.....QB.Payment ID 34....why it son't get paid out?
Payments to old polo wallets are frozen since polo doesn't pay out them automatically anymore.

We transfer the balance from your old wallet to your new one, which is active on pool! Only in this way possible to check your ownership of both wallets. To activate a wallet, enough to sent at least one share to it.
Please also wait untill the unconfirmed balance become confirmed to save time both yours and ours! We transfer only once!
Please also check whether the wallet is really activated! otherwise your request will be put in a very long queue.

Please don't tell long stories, just a short request like: "pls transfer from.. to.."

Not found? Contact us at [email protected] Provide your wallet, if relevant also server, port, IP

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