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Monitoring of rigs for Ethereum

Dwarfpool offers JSON-API for monitoring your rigs. You can open it in browsers, use in your scripts, apps and monitoring systems, like nagios and zabbix.

API returns all workers, which have been active for the last 24 hours.

Some miners have a bug, they sometimes sent two times less shares. If they send less than 60% of the normal amount of shares, you can quickly restart the miner. More info in FAQ

You miner is "alive" if it send a share within last 5 minutes.

Statistics will be updated every 2-3 minutes.

Unofficial Android application avilable on the google store.

Request format

You need your wallet and email that you send with miner or configured in proxy

Email is needed of security reason instead of personal API-KEY

If you don't have monitoring email, for API requests you can use "[email protected]"


Response description

You get common data

"error" - good or bad result
"total_hashrate" - hashrate of all your workers (MHs)
"total_hashrate_calculated" - calculated hashrate based on shares. Maybe different due to nature of mining (MHs)
"wallet" - requested account

and data per worker

"workers": {
    "workername": {
        "alive" - last share sended not more then 5 minutes ago
        "hashrate" - hashrate in MHs
        "hashrate_below_threshold" - if true your rigs send under 60% of usually amount of shares.
        "hashrate_calculated" - calculation based on shares of last 30 minutes.
                                For new started workers first 10 minutes no stat.
                                Zero value for workers without valid shares last 30 minutes.
        "last_submit" - time of last submit, GMT+1
        "second_since_submit" - seconds since last submit till now
        "worker" - repeat of workername


http://dwarfpool.com/eth/[email protected]example.com

  "error": false,
  "total_hashrate": 146.8,
  "total_hashrate_calculated": 147.47,
  "wallet": "0xbd2b2cef1a71567e2f3ec72d6593ab37ccf1b8e0",
  "workers": {
    "B21": {
      "alive": true,
      "hashrate": 146.8,
      "hashrate_below_threshold": false,
      "hashrate_calculated": 147.47,
      "last_submit": "Wed, 03 Feb 2016 18:25:00 GMT",
      "second_since_submit": 37,
      "worker": "B21"
    "R251": {
      "alive": false, 
      "hashrate": 0.0, 
      "hashrate_below_threshold": false,
      "hashrate_calculated": 0.0,
      "last_submit": "Wed, 03 Feb 2016 11:23:13 GMT", 
      "second_since_submit": 26592,
      "worker": "R251"

Error codes

Every response has JSON key "error". If it's positive, you can read also "error_code"


API_DOWN - API is currently unavailable, try later
BAD_WALLET - wrong wallet in request
NO_AUTH - no email or wrong
NO_STAT - no statistic for wallet. Either new wallet or no active workers last day.